Everyone experiences stress at some point in life, whether in response to a major event like the death of a loved one or to ongoing difficulties at work. But when stress and the symptoms associated with it begin to interfere with your normal functioning, it may be time to seek professional help.

Psychotherapy services at HealthSpan include:


Conventional talk therapy

Talking through a problem, and focusing on the solution


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Our thoughts are so powerful and can affect our mood and behaviour. Learning to be mindful of our thoughts enables us to change the outcome of our mood, and ultimately our day. This evidence-based tool is a standard approach that requires a willingness to participate outside of the session by keeping thought records. This helps you gain access of what’s holding you back from your desired outcomes.


Couples Counselling

Learning our attachment styles, conflict styles and developmental history all helps to understand how easy it is to get into relationship difficulties. Learning each others “love language” helps us to communicate and support one another. It is entirely possible to maintain individuality and share a deep connection with another. It starts with a commitment.


Guided Meditations/Mindfulness

To explore sitting with difficult emotions, with awareness, acceptance, without self-judgement to increase the tolerance of discomfort when dealing with a difficult situation.


Inner Child/Sub-Personalities work

Discover more about yourself, and how you operate in relationship to yourself and others.


Emotional Freedom Technique

An easy, effective stress reduction tool I love to teach and empower people to use. By tapping with your fingers on certain acupoints of the upper body, and talking about an emotional stressor; it helps dissolves the stress by calming your nervous system. When this happens, it allows you to step back, reframe your thoughts and emotions and keep your functional, rational part of the brain on board to go about your day. It can be used to release fears, phobias, anxiousness, guilt, loss, trauma and other negative emotions and/or beliefs. EFT can be used for daily stress, keeping energies aligned and in tune, and can also help to be creative and enhance performance.


Chakra Balancing

To restore, charge and balance your energy centers. We are all exposed to daily stressors whether they are people or the environment.


Chakra Cording

To transform a relationship. Great for break ups, or wanting to improve an existing relationship. Note that parental cords cannot be cut, but can be transformed to assist changing a relationship without having a conversation with them.


Attachment Styles

For many of us, being raised in a secure environment did not happen. It may be useful to learn your style and how it maybe affecting your relationships. We are designed for secure attachment, and therapy can help us heal from our past.