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  • Feeling sluggish, fat and bloated?
  • Feel like your cravings are out of control?
  • Feel like you need a refresh or reboot?

We think to be healthy we need a good metabolism, but to have a good metabolism we need to be healthy! Where do we start?


The liver!


The liver is the main fat, sugar and hormone processing organ in the body.  A cycle of high calorie intake, low fiber, activity and sub-optimal nutrition results in the liver storing excess fuel in the form of liver fats.  As the liver becomes ‘fattier’, the ability of the liver to store and release glycogen decreases.  This results in erratic blood sugar, sugar cravings, mid-afternoon energy drops and weight gain.


The 21-day Shake It Up Metabolic Reset cleanse stops the cycle.  You’re enjoying 2 Cleansing shakes/day high in fiber, resistant starch and liver nutrients + 1 whole foods meal.  Snacking is optional.  And you’re introduced to intermittent fasting, to facilitate the burning of liver fats and body fat stores.  You’ll have a general shopping list to exert your creative juices AND a 3-week detailed menu plan if you just want all the meal planning, recipes and shopping lists done for you.

The program is adaptable to vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as diets containing animal protein. The program is safe for most people, but we always screen for this in our orientation consult.

1Schedule your initial naturopathic consultation (or a follow up consult if you’re an existing naturopathic client)
After you’ve been screened for the program and have your questions answered you’ll receive an email with your documents attached, and details on accessing products for the cleanse.

2After your cleanse, schedule a de-brief to discuss next steps