• Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things but your metabolism isn’t responding the way it used to?
  • Are you feeling tired, sore, inflammed?
  • What’s happening to your metabolism? Is it your hormones?
  • Are you ready for the next level of nutrition customization?

This is a clinically supervised 4 week program, leveraging the power of wearable technology (continuous glucose monitoring and activity tracking), with remote and in-clinic support and guidance.   It’s immersive, eye-opening, amazingly practical and surprisingly fun.  It’s like creating your own user’s manual for your metabolism.

For more details on the science behind the program, see our Blog Article

Some things you’ll learn about your metabolism through the Level Up process:

-the foods/meals/recipes that support your metabolism and energy levels and allow you to enter fat-burning mode between meals and overnight

-if snacking supports your metabolism or if it’s getting in the way of fat-burning

-timing of meals for maximizing time spent in fat burning mode

-how your metabolism responds to intermittent fasting, and the best foods to break your fast in the morning

-if there’s a time of day your metabolism can handle carb heavier meals/foods

-how alcohol affects your metabolism and fat-burning potential

-how much/how often you can eat your favourite foods without throwing ‘falling off the wagon’

-in women: how metabolism shifts during your menstrual cycle and how to adjust the diet to compensate to experience fewer cravings, and better hormone balance through your cycle

This is an opportunity to write your metabolism playbook!