• Contemplating pregnancy or trying to conceive and want a solid dietary and lifestyle plan to optimize fertility and set the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy and beyond?
  • Going off the birth control pill and experiencing hormone imbalances?
  • Just found out you’re pregnant and wondering what’s safe for vitamins, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle?
  • Currently undergoing fertility treatments and looking to pursue complimentary treatments including acupuncture?

According to Health Canada:

1 in 6 couples experience infertility

3 times out of 10, the cause is in men

4 times out of 10, the cause is in women

2 times out of 10, the cause is a mix of factors from both male and female

1 time out of 10, at first, no specific cause can be found

We’re here to help couples navigate through the considerable physical, emotional and lifestyle changes associated with the child-bearing years.

1Initial consultation and assessment
During the initial consultation we’ll review all aspects of your health including digestion, immunity, metabolism, mental health, hormone status, family history, exercise and dietary habits. If you’re contemplating pregnancy, Step 1 may be detoxification.  We believe every couple should undergo a basic, foundational detoxification program before actively pursuing pregnancy.  If you’re already trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatments or already pregnant we proceed directly to Step 2.


2Fertility and Pregnancy Plan
We help guide you with:

– dietary plan to maximize fertility and during pregnancy
– recommendations on pre-natal vitamins
– exercise and lifestyle recommendations
– as needed, insight to natural, safe ways to manage pregnancy-related complaints

During pregnancy we arrange follow up during each trimester with stage-specific recommendations.


We’re here to help your family through the ups and downs of the post-natal time. We reassess your dietary and vitamin need, providing a stable nutritional basis for mental health and physical healing.