If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone…

  • Menopause is supposed to be normal.  Why am I having such a tough time with it?
  • I’ve lost my motivation, my self-confidence, my libido, my spark.  Is it my hormones? My thyroid? Menopause? Stress? Nutrient deficiencies? My diet? How do I figure this out?
  • I’m doing all the right things.  Why is my metabolism not responding the way it used to? Why am I so tired?
  • I want to take better care of myself.  Where do I start? What are my risk factors? I want to live vibrantly and independently as I age.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with a metabolic condition (diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, polycystic ovary syndrome, high cholesterol). What can I do to take charge?
  • I’m noticing changes with my period and PMS. What can I do naturally to feel better?
  • Heart health. Bone health. Mental health. Physical fitness. Reliable sleep. I want it all. Where do I start?
  • I’m confused. There’s so much conflicting information out there.  What do I need to do for me?
  • How do I get back to feeling myself again? I need a plan.

If you’re ready to take action, read on.

Your Metabolic + Hormonal Health Program will evolve to become entirely unique. The process we use to get there is systematic.

This 3 step program includes:

1Schedule and Initial Intake and Assessment with one of our ND’s

Assessment and information gathering is the first step in formulating a plan.

We think outside the box to help uncover your barriers to feeling your best. With the help of detailed questioning and testing we help you answer the tough questions.

Much of the assessment is initiated on the initial appointment.  This may include all or some of:

  • Your health history, family history, with emphasis on your current concerns and goals
  • Screening physical including body composition markers
  • Questionnaires and symptom inventories.  Hormonal and metabolic issues, especially in early stages, are not always detected by lab tests
  • Baseline lab work may be ordered.  This could include comprehensive thyroid, nutrient testing, cardiometabolic testing, hormone testing
  • We leverage the assistance of wearable technologies such as activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate variability, continuous glucose monitoring

Our systematic assessment process uncovers the nuances that will evolve our program into your program.

2Program Immersion

This is where feeling better is within reach, where time and consistency are key, and learning and investigation continue to evolve your treatment plan.

Our Metabolic + Hormonal Health Program is lifestyle-based, meaning the foundation of your program includes:

  • Nourishing foods
  • Lifestyle and self-care strategies

Next level integrations, when indicated, include:

  • Herbal and nutritional supplements
  • Acupuncture
  • Menopause Hormone Therapy (MHT)
  • Referral to other health and wellness professionals to address specific needs and goals

The result is a holistic, effective treatment plan that puts you in charge, and is maintainable long-term.

Expect follow-up to be 1-2x/month in the early stages of your program.

3Maintenance and Monitoring

At this stage we assess risk factors that can affect your quality of life, your mobility and ability as you age – cardiovascular risk, cancer risk, fracture risk – and evidence-based interventions for prevention.

Our goal is to have you on a self-sustaining program, with acute care as needed, and semi-annual follow-up.

In cases where hormonal and metabolic conditions require attentive management with periodic reassessments, we’re here for you.

Take the first step.