• Having two or more frustrating nights of sleep/week?
  • Don’t like the idea of taking prescription sleep medication and consider it a last resort ?
  • Problems getting to sleep because you’re under stress?
  • Wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep?
  • Menopausal and sweating at night?
  • Sleep enough, but still feel tired in the day?
  • Looking for a plan, not just a pill?

Our 30-day sleep re-training process brings together several factors that help re-train your brain and body for a good night’s sleep. If your self-help sleep methods have not been getting results it’s time to give our program a try. The key is incorporating several factors – nutritional, behavioural, dietary – consistently and simultaneously.


This 3 step program includes:


1The latest in sleep research and sleep hygiene practices to ensure your evening routine and environment promotes sleep


2Dietary and exercise plan to regulate blood sugar and healthy weight (weight gain can contribute to sleep problems and sleep disorders). We take into consideration the most common sleep-disrupting foods and drinks, and when necessary, we test for individual food intolerances that may be keeping the body and brain stimulated.


3Targeted nutrients and therapies that balance the nervous system and cues your brain into a new sleep/wake cycle, and helps achieve a deeper stage of sleep. When necessary, amino acid therapies are used if anxiety or depression is involved and hormone optimizing when there is a cyclical pattern to sleep issues or when sleep issues arise through menopause.