When was the last time you had a goal that was big enough to be scary? Yet attainable enough to be motivating?

The History:

In 2012 HealthSpan Wellness started a TrailFIT program. The goal? To take our fitness to new heights and train for the hike of a lifetime!

In August 2012 a small group of us climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa – the highest altitude, non-technical climb in the world. It was a life-changing experience.

12 years later we’re ready to do it again.

And we’re asking others if they’re interested in doing it too.

Are you ready to train for the hike of a lifetime?

About Kilimanjaro

At 5895m (19,341 ft) the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest altitude climb you can make in hiking boots with no technical mountaineering equipment or expertise required. It stands on the border of Tanzania and Kenya and is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. It’s the fourth highest and least technical of the 7 summits.

About the climb

The climb is 6-8 days depending on the route and starts with 3-4 hours per day hiking with gradual altitude gain. You’re camping in tents and accompanied by a team of guides, cooks and porters. The final push to the summit starts overnight – a 12-15 hr hike on switchbacks and scrambling up shale inclines that are made more challenging by the effects of altitude.

The climb ascends through 5 climatic zones – from hot African sun at the base of the mountain, through rainforest, to Arctic tundra and glaciers at the summit. Climbers experience +30oC to -30oC weather in the span of 1 week.


Next Steps:

We need your feedback!

Please complete our survey and leave us your email address. This helps us gauge interest, how we can best support you and how we’ll proceed with the program.

If there’s interest we’ll organize an info session in September and will email all survey respondents when the date is confirmed.