Hello perimenopause!

Here you are. The transition stage between early and later life.  The stage that is accompanied by hormonal shifts you can’t ignore, that leave your body whispering (or yelling) “take care of me”.  As Dr. Christine Northrup so aptly describes “Perimenopause is a time when you are meant to mother yourself.”

Yet perimenopause can be confusing and self-care can seem overwhelming.

You’re 40+. Your body is changing. What you used to do for sleep, weight loss, motivation, mood, just isn’t working anymore. You don’t feel like yourself .  You need help understanding what’s happening, whether it’s normal or not, and what you can do to feel better. You need a new self-care toolkit – one that’s built for perimenopause and beyond.

Your perimenopausal body didn’t come with an owner’s manual. This program is about creating yours


What the program includes:

  • Welcome package including your Owner’s Manual binder, ready for curating the content you want at your fingertips
  • 8 online modules, released over 4 months, providing education, a mindset, a plan and a system, based on best available evidence, for perimenopause and beyond
  • Group Meet-Up Calls,  2 evenings/month (6:30-8pm), for 4 months. These are via Zoom and are an opportunity to meet other women in the program. We introduce the new module content, open up group discussion, provide recommendations and host informal Q&A fireside chats with guest speakers who have expertise in the issues we’re talking about. These Meet-Ups are recorded to access at your convenience if you can’t make the calls.
  • Access to online portal with downloadable worksheets, self-assessment questionnaires, screening recommendations, nutrition strategies and systems and other resources to build your Owner’s Manual or to share with your health care team
  • A 30 minute nutrition consultation with Antoinetta at any time during the program
  • Access to our private facebook group during and beyond the 4 month program
  • Benefit from a community and shared experiences of other women.
  • Virtually meet other health professionals from our community and how they can assist in your journey. Self care doesn’t mean ‘by myself’ care.

Is it time?

As a clinical group program led by a ND, this program may be reimbursable  through your extended health benefits for naturopathic care.

Enrolment is closed for our first program series- starting Wednesday November 23rd. 


Meet your facilitators:

Hi! I’m Dr. Julia Fountain, ND. In 2022 I became certified as a NAMS-certified menopause practitioner. I was inspired to create this program because the foundation of perimenopausal care is reliable information and self-care strategies, and technology allows us to deliver this level of care in creative ways.  This course is a combination of clinical experience, with the latest in evidence-based care for women in perimenopause. The program provides a 4 tier approach to hormonal support – starting with education and  lifestyle – then moving to the role of herbs, supplements and menopause hormone therapy. I hope you’ll join us!

Hi! I’m Antonietta Chiavro and I’m a high school educator by day and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist by evening and weekend.  I especially love talking and teaching about food and how it relates to women’s health.  I’ve created many of the downloadable nutrition resources you’ll find on your program portal and I’m looking forward to meeting you on our Meet-Up calls and in our Facebook group!

This is what we cover:

How to get started

Each session is $75 and there are 8 sessions, for a total investment of $600.  The session fees are billed on the day of the  Group Meet-Up Calls.

Sessions may be reimbursable through extended health benefits for naturopathic care.

One module builds on the next, please plan to commit to the full 4 month program.

We know life happens and you may not make every Wednesday night Meet-Up  Group Call. Or maybe the group thing isn’t convenient and you’d prefer a self-paced and self-directed approach. That’s OK. We’ll be recording Meet-Ups and uploading them to your program portal for viewing at your convenience.

How to enroll

1Email us or call (905) 873-8729 to join the waitlist for our next series in 2023 (dates to be determined)

You’ll be asked for your mailing address to send your Welcome Package.

2Information Gathering

If you haven’t seen Dr. Fountain before, our staff will arrange a 45 minute intake call. Due to the depth of the recommendations in this program, we screen attendees to know their health history and any medications. This is $180 and is reimbursable through extended health benefits for naturopathic care.
If you’re a current patient  you’ll be ready to roll.

3Accessing Your Program Portal

Before your start date you’ll receive an email with instructions on accessing your program portal and our private Facebook group.

Are you ready to realize high watermark health in perimenopause?

Jump in and join us, the water’s warm!