Vij Richards, RN, RP

Chances are that if you got into parenthood in your later years you maybe facing this dilemma of caring for elderly parents and meeting the demands of your children’s needs.

We are all in some way coping with unfamiliar expectations as we navigate this pandemic.

And when do your needs get met? How long will you put off or avoid doing what you know deep down is best for you?

Some of you maybe finding yourselves coping with more and more roles; extending yourself as you struggle to normalize the everyday.


-Take time to notice what is getting in your way of having a daily practice of self-care.

-Notice your energy levels and what’s fueling your energy to carry on versus what’s depleting you.

– Recognizing the importance to take a break,

-Create boundaries around your time,

-Asking for help from others could make the difference to your overall responsibilities and the way you face your challenges.

Being able to do this guilt free can be a challenge when it’s your family.

Having discussions to arrange what will help you get through this difficult period with family is not only helpful but could prevent you from getting sick or injured and then no longer being able to care for the loved ones in your life.

This is easier said than done, so if you find yourself struggling, please don’t do it alone. Reach out and ask for help. Our services are here to support you.