Do you need help answering these questions? …

  • After being diagnosed I was prescribed stimulant medication. Do I have other options?
  • I’m having negative side effects from my medication. Is there something to help manage those side effects?
  • There are days where my symptoms feel worse than others. What could be contributing to that?
  • I’ve heard certain foods can increase hyperactivity. Is that true? What should I be eating and avoiding?
  • I feel like everyone else has a “life manual” that I just didn’t get. Are there techniques to help me with the daily activities I struggle with?
  • I have a few other diagnosed conditions like anxiety and IBS. Could they be related to my ADHD?

It often feels like the world is designed for other people. Here’s how we create a program that works for you and your brain.

1 Schedule Initial Intake and Assessment with Dr. Nicole Medeiros ND

Assessment and information gathering is the first step in formulating a plan. Much of the assessment is initiated during our first appointment together.

This may include all or some of:

  • Your health history, family history, with emphasis on your current concerns and goals
  • Questionnaires and symptom inventories
  • Information on the specific tasks that are difficult to manage
  • Baseline lab work may be ordered.  This could include testing for nutrient deficiencies, inflammation markers, thyroid testing, blood counts, food sensitivities

2Program immersion

This is where we start to put our plan into action. Our ADHD Support Program will focus on nourishing foods, movement, stress management, and tools/techniques to keep you on track.

Next level integrations, when indicated, include herbal medicines, nutritional supplementation, and acupuncture.

Our goal is to create an effective treatment plan that is maintainable long-term. We’ll follow-up 1-2x/month in the early stages of your program.

3Maintenance + Monitoring

At this stage we’ll have you on a self-sustaining program with acute care as needed. Life evolves, we evolve. We take on new careers, pursue further education or encounter other challenges. In cases where you’re undergoing a transition and need additional support, we’re here as often as you need. Otherwise, we’ll see each other semi-annually to check in.