We use a step-wise approach when we work with adults and children.

The first step is an initial intake and assessment. This includes a review of your most immediate concerns, a detailed review of health history, medications, dietary and lifestyle routines and a brief screening physical.

We may also make recommendations for specialized testing or assessments.

Step by step we tackle the issues and enlist the treatments or programs that are best matched to your needs.

Once you’re feeling better we provide acute care as needed, and annual follow up to help monitor progress and make the leap from feeling good to feeling great.


Naturopathic services


Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Therapy

We consider food to be medicine. The power of a balanced, whole foods-based diet can’t be underestimated in balancing hormones, inflammation, allergies, digestive problems, weight and increasing energy. We also consider diet in primary prevention – a diet that is good for heart, bones, cancer prevention and a healthy weight.


Nutrient Repletion and Herbal Therapy

Along with diet, a nutrient and/or herbal program may be recommended to provide needed support.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Your Naturopathic Doctor has prescribing rights for bioidentical hormones and natural thyroid hormone, which makes her even better equipped to provide a holistic, effective, empowering hormone balancing plan.



Acupuncture can be incorporated into stress management programs, hormone balancing treatment plans and for pain due to inflammation and muscle tension. We use both needle and needle-less acupuncture.


Lifestyle Modification

This is about putting the important things in life first. It’s about balancing work with play and about having more repleting actions (foods, thoughts, habits) in a day than depleting actions.

We consider exercise, stress management, goal setting to be important factors. To work out the details we have a network of specialty professionals to draw on – from counsellors and life coaches to personal trainers.