Are you looking for answers to these questions? …

  • I’m interested in supporting my child’s health throughout their journey in sport, but where do I begin?
  • Is there a diet that is best for my sport or training program? Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean?
  • What is the evidence for nutritional supplements and performance? Do they really work?
  • I’m worried about my child sustaining a concussion. Are there ways to prevent this?
  • Are there ways to support concussion healing?
  • My child has anxiety that is associated with sport and competition. Are there natural ways to support their mental health?
  • I am worried that the supplements our child is taking for their performance is not good for their health. Are all supplements regulated by Health Canada and considered safe?
  • I’ve noticed a significant change in my health since participating in a high intensity training program. As a female, can training affect my hormones?
  • Are there natural ways to relieve pain associated with repetitive activities?
  • How can I return to activity sooner and prevent future injury?
  • Since training, my gut health has been suffering. How can I support my gut health as an athlete?

Each person is unique, and therefore requires an individualized program designed to achieve their goals.

1Schedule Initial Intake and Assessment with Dr. Tyler Shippel ND CISSN which includes:

  • Health history, family history, with an emphasis on current concerns and health goals
  • Screening physical including body composition
  • Current training program and dietary intake
  • Musculoskeletal assessment

2Program immersion – begin to implement strategy and convert goals

  • A holistic program considers performance goals in the short and long term, with an emphasis on prevention.
  • Focus on nutrition, and often may be specific to sport or training program
  • Addition of ergogenic aids – tools proven to improve energy, performance, and recovery
  • Acupuncture may be included to alleviate stress, assist in recovery, and improve overall health
  • Follow-ups may be 1-2 times a month until short-term goals are established

3Maintenance + Monitoring

  • A goal of ours is to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to support yourself or your child in the long term
  • We will be available for support on an as needed basis, with bi-annual or annual follow-up to help you stay on track with your health
  • If other issues or concerns arise, we will always be available to help