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There are so many options when it comes to choosing a pillow.  After all, the right pillow could be the reason your quality of sleep improves!  A number of factors should be considered when making a choice for what you rest your head on.  Here are some suggestions…..

For back sleepers:

  • There should be enough foam, fibers, or feathers at the edge in the midline part of the pillow to support your neck.
  • The pillow should not be thicker in the centre since this is where your head will rest
  • Best example is a double roll memory foam pillow (eg. Obusforme)

For side sleepers:

  • There should be enough foam, fibers, or feathers in the middle of the pillow and right up to the edge of the pillow to support your neck and head- think of what correct neck alignment looks like when standing- you should be supported in the same position while laying on your side (while naturally the shoulder rolls forward slightly)
  • Best examples may be a moderate to firm standard style pillow or a water pillow (eg. Chiroflow )

For side AND back sleepers:

  • There should be enough support for the neck and less under the head for back sleeping, and enough support under the neck AND head for side sleeping
  • Best pillows are shaped or formed in a way that the midline of the pillow is intended for the back sleep position and the sides of the pillow are for the side sleep position
  • Best examples include a Therapeutica or D-core cervical pillows.

For some people, they enjoy the softness of a lofty down filled pillow.  Just make sure that it has enough support where you need it.  And just because a pillow is expensive doesn’t mean that it is a good pillow- there are some rather economical choices for only $20.  Yet- don’t be surprised at the cost of some pillows that may run you around $100.  You should replace your pillow every 2 up to 5 years.  Spend some time making a good choice for a pillow.  Try them out at bedding or mattress stores to see if they fit your comfort level and your size.  Ask the sales associates to measure you when different sizes are available.  Finally rest assured that there is an ideal pillow for everyone- the best advice will come from your chiropractor or other trained knowledgeable health care provider.