HealthSpan Wellness

Dr. Tyler Shippel ND CISSN and Dr. Nicole Medeiros ND

We are thrilled to announce our new couple’s fertility program at HealthSpan! The couple’s fertility program provides an assessment and optimization plan for both partners. In cases of infertility, male issues occur almost as frequently as female issues. Since it takes two to make a baby, we believe that a structured program for couples is the best model of care. This will align both partners with the common goal of a successful pregnancy, help each other understand our recommendations, and be motivated to make changes together.

The program may help to uncover underlying issues that are contributing to infertility and will set the groundwork for pregnancy success. It may also be used to help couples beginning IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies to increase the success of those programs. There is a lot of information available online to provide education on fertility support, but it can be overwhelming! We hope to save couple’s time and decrease stress surrounding the topic of infertility so they can focus on becoming pregnant.

If you want to learn more, please contact HealthSpan to arrange a free discovery call with Dr. Tyler and Dr. Nicole.