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Are you starting to stress? It’s hard not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle when everywhere you look is attracting your attention. Your decisions now, can affect your emotional health as well as your bottom line. How to get to January without that financial hangover and emotional angst?

The earlier you can plan for all the anticipated expectations by sharing your thoughts and feelings with loved ones, will help you create the holidays to be celebrated and be remembered in the way you intended them to be.

Planning everything from who, what, where and when.

Let in the spirit of Christmas to guide you how to celebrate within your budget.

Ask for help where/when you need it, and offer to pay it forward if able.

Notice if there are any emotional needs within your family that may not feel like celebrating due to a loss in a relationship, or grief of a loved one/pet who is no longer able to be with you this year. Acknowledge them with kind words if visiting you. If they choose not to join you, invite them over for a separate visit where you can have a more meaningful connection.

May you all get through this season with best intentions for peace, love and joy !