HealthSpan Wellness

The weather is more on our side lately as we see sunny skies and feel the warm air…..the motivation is out there to become more active outside!  Many of us are enjoying the use of our bicycles- also a great way to get around and to not have to use our vehicles.  So while it is a practical way to get places and to enjoy the outdoors, we should be mindful of cycling with our position and posture in mind.  Here are a few tips when it comes to cycling:

  1. Remember even a leisurely ride should involve a short warm up of about 3 minutes of activity beforehand, eg. Climbing up/down stairs, or a brisk walk in your yard.
  2. Bring water with you.  Your ride might be extended by nature inviting you on a longer route!
  3. Make sure that you stretch after your ride.   Spend a good 10 minutes lengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps, hips/gluteals, calves/achilles, shins, and generally the shoulders, neck and back to release any tense muscles after holding your position on your bike for a period of time.
  4. Make sure that you are not rounding your back, and that you are flexing at the hips to avoid back strain
  5. Avoid leaning into your wrists- keep them straight to avoid stress to the bones and nerves in your wrists/hands