HealthSpan Wellness

Dr. Tyler Shippel, ND CISSN

I am excited to be offering a new program this spring for men who have specific health concerns or want to improve their overall health and well-being. I created this program for men who are ready to take control of their own health and work towards a goal. As one of the only male NDs around, I am happy to offer focused care in the area of men’s health.

There are endless resources available online, through podcasts, social media and other platforms that provide a wealth of information for men’s health. It can be tough to navigate through it all, and it can be quite overwhelming for some who are trying to get to the bottom of their health issues. Plunging into an ice bath every morning may provide a surge of dopamine and be a mood booster in some people, but it is certainly not for everyone! (Ice baths are not part of the program, don’t worry.)

Certain health problems disproportionately affect men. In many cases, these health problems are preventable or can be managed successfully if treated early. As healthcare improves and awareness grows, gaps are continually filled to meet the needs of populations who are suffering. In my opinion, concerns such as mental health, metabolic health and cardiovascular health in men can be improved or resolved through naturopathic care, but is often managed through medication or invasive techniques before beginning natural methods of healing. This program allows men to explore all options of care available to them, so they can learn, integrate, and heal.

It is common to see male patients who have been struggling for years with a long list of ailments. It can be challenging to resolve these issues in one office visit, so a program with a detailed roadmap of how your health goals can be achieved is what I offer.

If you’d like to learn more, or have questions about whether naturopathic care is right for you, consider scheduling a 15 minute complimentary discovery call to find out more.