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Julia Fountain ND NCMP

Perimenopause can feel like a runaway train.

What if I told you there was a course you could take that would allow you to enter and experience perimenopause and midlife with eyes wide open, knowing your options, knowing how to find relief, and not feel alone with google trying to figure it out on your own? Like when you took health class during puberty, or prenatal class when you were pregnant?

Hmmm. Sounds like a good idea?

Hmmmm. But what if…

What if a course overwhelms me with stuff I need to change? What if I lose motivation? What if I can’t afford it? What if work gets busy? What if I just keep googling (or watching tiktok) and figuring it out on my own? What if I just go to my doctor to figure things out? What if I just wait out perimenopause and hope things get better after that?

Those are all valid thoughts and options. The reality is perimenopause charges on – whether you’re stressed, or busy, or overwhelmed.

The foundation of perimenopausal support is education and selfcare. That’s what this course is about. Filled with multimedia learning materials, a community of other women, all experienced in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

I created this course because you deserve to have this information in an accessible, reliable, comprehensive and organized way. Just like you had in puberty and during pregnancy.

This program is not a diet. It’s not a treatment plan. It’s not a quick fix. There’s no expectation to change things if you’re not ready or if things don’t resonate. This is a self-paced  journey into what to expect in perimenopause and beyond and how to find relief when it’s needed.

Know where you are in the transition, what to eat, what type/forms of exercise, understanding your midlife labwork, which hormones should be tested, whether you’re a candidate for hormone therapy and when the benefits might outweigh the risks, how to manage hot flashes, support bone health… and so much more.

Evidence based, curated and compiled into 6 modules with self-assessments, easy to follow checklists and downloadable resources to curate in your “Owner’s Manual” binder.  If you want depth it’s there. If you want the concise checklist summary it’s there too.

There’s never a perfect time to take on perimenopause, just like there’s never a perfect time to be in perimenopause.   The best strategy is to understand, be prepared and have strategies in place that put life on play, not pause.